The Event

           VINMARE 2019 is aninnovative and  “unique“ of its kind, Wine Event reserved ONLY to a Professional (or Business), audience, to be held in Livorno, toscanamare, Italy, on 12-13-14 February 2019, from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm..

           VINMARE 2019 is the exclusive Première“of the wines produced in the 5 provinces of Tuscany overlooking the Thyrrenian Sea, an area which we conventionally call toscanamare: Massa, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto. Elba and Giglio Islands included.

           VINMARE 2019 aims to introduce to  an  international and domestic clientele a significant selection of “outstanding” and “unique” wines produced in the 5 provinces of toscanamare, the majority of them belonging to one of the  19 D.O.C. and 5 D.O.C.G. recognized in this territory.

           It will not be possible, therefore, to exhibit  in the Event, the wines of the other provinces of  central-eastern Tuscany. however already widely publicized and represented in specific Events and Premières.

           Moreover, the coast of toscanamare displays such a variety of Terroirs, Vines and Brands, all important and of the highest quality,, spacing from Marina di Carrara down to Argentario, passing through Elba and Giglio islands; from Candia to Morellino wines, passing through Val di Cornia and Bolgheri ones.

          So much richness, so much variety, but above all so much quality, cannot fail to become an important and indispensable part in the assortment  (portfolio) of every buyer, domestic and international, that offers his customers Italian wines.

           VINMARE 2019  is an Event reserved ONLY to a Professional (or Business) audience and is aimed exclusively at Wine Operators (HoReCa professionals, Distributors and Importers) Italian and, above all, International, and to journalists, bloggers, opinion leaders and “trend leaders”, domestic and international.
          Therefore, no public or non-accredited visitors will be admitted to the Event.

          The purpose of the Event, which fits perfectly in between the previews of Vino Nobile in Montepulciano, of Vernaccia in San Gimignano, of Brunello in Montalcino, and of various other Florentine wine events, is to direct the attention of the important number of International and Italian buyers, already present in those days in Tuscany for the previews above mentioned, towards the direct knowledge and appreciation of the Wineries of our toscanamare.

           VINMARE 2019 is therefore aiming to favor in the short term, if not immediately, the increase in domestic and international sales of the wine farms participating in the Event .

           The evocative location chosen for the Event, the historicFortezza Vecchiabuilt on the sea in Livorno in the eleventh century is,  without any slightest doubt, the ideal environment to enhance the emotion that the great wines proposed will not fail to arise..


La “Fortezza Vecchia”
The “Historic Fortress”



La “Galleria Cannoniera”
The “Guns Gallery”



La  “Sala delle Croci”
The “Room of crosses”



           Within the Event itself there are also scheduled:

             6 Technical-tasting “Master Classes”, for 6 different oenological and characteristic areas of toscanamare (two a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon), on the terroir of reference, its vineyards, its wines and its winemakers, in front of a chosen audience of national and international Journalists , specialized Bloggers, Trend-leaders etc.
           During each “Master Class” only the wines of the Exhibiting Companies which operate in the area of reference and will have grated their availability, will be used for the tasting class.

           6 Mini Conventions of Purchase Groups or Consortia of Italian Distributors (two a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

           1Information Table” exclusively dedicated, for each  D.O.C. or D.O.C.G whose “Consorzio di tutela” (Protection Consortium) requests it, to ensure the distribution to visitors of illustrative and informative materials on terroirs, wines and vintners of their area of competence and  at the same time direct them to the  Tasting Workstationsof their Assosiates, exhibiting in the Event

           VINMARE 2019 aims to introduce to  an  international and domestic clientele a significant selection of “outstanding” and “unique” wines produced in all the 5 provinces of toscanamare, among them, and not only, the one below listed:i.

From Massa Province:
     Candia of Colli Apuani

     Wines of Colli di Luni
     Vermentino Nero

From Lucca Province: 

     Wines of Colline Lucchesi

From Pisa  Province: 
      San Torpè Bianco Pisano 
      Terre di Pisa


From Livorno Province :
     Aleatico Passito of Elba

     Rosso of Val di Cornia
     Wines from Bolgheri and   Castagneto C.
     Terratico di Bibbona

     Wines of Val di Cornia 
     Wines of Elba Island

And from Grosseto Province:
     Morellino di Scansano

     Wines of Montecucco
     Monteregio of Massa Marittima
     Wines of Maremma Toscana
     Bianco di Pitigliano
     Ansonica of Argentario Coast
     Wines of Capalbio
     Parrina of Albinia
     Wines oi Sovana


           Along with many other I.G.T or “SuperTuscan Typical Wines  of high  quality standard, made in toscanamare, and  not included among the varieties named abobe.