Who we are

            VINMARE 2019 is an “innovative“, “unique” Event , specifically conceived to attract Professional clients, domestic and international, (HoReCa professionals, distributors and importers, Italians and,  above all, Foreigners),  totally excluding public and non-registereded visitors.

          VINMARE 2019 is  exclusively reserved to winemakers who “masterfully” work and make wine in the 5 provinces of Tuscany that overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea, an area which we conventionally call “toscanamare“: Massa, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto.

Event creation and organization:

            VINMARE 2919 has been conceived and created byMade in ToscanamareMade in Maritime Tuscany, which, together with A.I.S. (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers) of Livorno , that takes care of the enocultural and logistical aspects of the Event,  has entrusted its realization to ITALIA ALL WAYS llc

           Made in ToscanamareMade in Maritime Tuscanyis a no-profit Association created with the only goal to spread worldwide the  knowledge and appreciation of all that is “Masterfully” created and produced in the 5  tuscan provinces that overlook the Thyrrenian Sea, the toscanamare : Massa, Luca, Pisa, Livorno e Grosseto.
            The Association is open to anyone who “Masterfully” creates or produces in the 5 Provinces of  toscanamare” above mentioned: self employed people, individual enterpreneurs, or legal representatives of agricultural and mnanufacturing companies.

            L’ A.I.S.”, l’ Associazione Italiana Sommeliers has the institutional purpose of qualifying the profession and the figure of Sommelier, directly taking care of the professional training of both the Sommeliers and the teaching staff.
             It also aims to enhance the culture of wine, carrying out educational and editorial activities (among which we find the important guide to Italian wines “Vitae“) to spread, in Italy and the world, the knowledge and appreciation of alcoholic beverages and, above all, of the very important technique of the correct matching of wine to food. 


            “ITALIA ALL WAYS llc” deals mainly with the Marketing and Sales Promotion, both abroad (Europe, Asia, the Americas and Oceania) and in Italy (in  Ligurian, Tuscan and High Lazio coasts as well as in Umbria) of Companies producing  food of  proved Tuscany’s Excellence and Tadition.
            L’export and the mid-Italy’s market, are the two souls of ITALIA ALL WAYS llc .